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Danbury, CT — Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation unveiled its new Advanced Performance Axial Flow burner earlier this year at the 2014 AHR Expo in New York.

Since then, the API-AF burner has piqued the interest of those looking for smaller, packaged burners that meet the challenging demands of today’s combustion industry. The API-AF’s surge hearkens back to the days when Preferred Utilities manufactured thousands of “Thermopak” inject-aire burners still found today in boiler rooms across America. Some thermopak burners have continued to operate in facilities for several decades, bearing testament to Preferred Utilities’ rugged durability

Two API-AF burners being wired.
Two API-AF burners prepped to ship.

Preferred did not sacrifice any of that rugged durability with the new API-AF. If we wanted to, we could make our burners out of the same cheap, flimsy material that our competitors like to use–but we don’t. Sacrificing quality for quantity has never been our way of doing business. When we install a burner, we want to keep it operating for decades to come. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers, a relationship that is dependent upon a durable product that delivers dependable results.

Other companies make you choose: low emissions or high efficiency? durability or quality? We do not believe in this ultimatum approach to the boiler room, and neither should you. Make the better choice, and don’t settle for flimsy. Get the PREFERRED standard since 1920.

For more information on the API-AF, please click here to visit the product page.

Advanced Performance Axial Flow Burner
Advanced Performance Axial Flow Burner

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