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Learning from Preferred’s Main Steam Line Plug Operating Experience

Preferred Engineering has extensive experience with the installation and removal of Main Steam Line Plugs. Over the years, we’ve developed a number of best practices that are key to maximizing efficiency and cutting critical path time. Here are some of the most important procedures we’ve established in recent MSLP projects: Camera Positioning Camera placement is one of the […]

Preferred Engineering Main Steam Line Plugs in Action

If you look close, you can see Preferred Main Steam Line Plugs in action! Great job Columbia!  Preferred Engineering’s Main Steam Line Plugs (MSLP) have been in use since the mid 1990’s. Trusted by over 12 sites to isolate their steam lines during refueling outages and facilitate MSIV maintenance and testing. Designed for easy and efficient installation our MSL Plugs cut […]

Nuclear Outage Clockwork: Minimum Downtime with Main Steam Line Plug

Made in the U.S.A., 🇺🇸 The Preferred Engineering Main Steam Line Plugs allow for quick, hassle-free installations with the minimum dose and maximum outage success. Designed for easy, efficient, and reliable installation, the MSL Plugs cut critical path time significantly and reduce dose. The Preferred Engineering MSL Plugs allow inboard MSIV testing in the direction of flow, performing all […]

PE Jet Pump Plug

Made in the U.S.A. Preferred Engineering Jet Pump Plugs assembled, tested, and ready for action! These plugs are specifically designed to seal the nozzle of a jet pump mixer opening in a BWR nuclear power plant. Actuated mechanically and designed for easy installation with a light duty handling pole, these plugs give our customers peace of mind during […]

RPV Head Ladder for Nuclear Outage

Providing continuous innovation in nuclear outage efficiency, the Preferred Engineering division’s RPV Head Ladder helps easily access critical maintenance points along a nuclear reactor head. Made entirely of aluminum, this light weight RPV Head Ladder is customized to conform to the reactor head geometry. The base of the ladder is designed to drop into the stud holes along […]