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Emergency Removal of a Main Steam Line Plug: A Case Study

Preferred Engineering has decades of experience with the Main Steam Line Plug, and sometimes unique situations arise that make our our expertise in installation and removal especially important. A recent project required us to employ an MSLP Emergency Removal tool during the installation process. One of the latch mechanisms on the plug jammed during the plug installation, and […]

Fuel/Air Cross-Limiting

What is the Application? Steam supply and heating loads in a boiler plant vary throughout the course of the boiler firing cycle. In response to this, the boiler firing rate output % is continuously adjusting to maintain steam or temperature setpoint. This means that the boiler controller’s outputs (typically a fuel valve positioner, air damper positioner, and variable […]

Drum Level Control Essentials

What is the Application? As boilers convert water into steam to supply the plant’s load demand, more water must be supplied to the boiler to maintain the drum level at setpoint. In a modulating PID system, Boiler feedwater flow is controlled by the drum level controller by modulating a feedwater control valve which can be opened to give […]

Learning from Preferred’s Main Steam Line Plug Operating Experience

Preferred Engineering has extensive experience with the installation and removal of Main Steam Line Plugs. Over the years, we’ve developed a number of best practices that are key to maximizing efficiency and cutting critical path time. Here are some of the most important procedures we’ve established in recent MSLP projects: Camera Positioning Camera placement is one of the […]

Golden Hour at Preferred Utilities: Shipping Out Game-Changing Filtration Systems!

At Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, it’s golden hour as we ship out our game-changing filtration systems! Ensuring the utmost cleanliness and integrity of #2 fuel oil for your emergency backup generators and oil-fired burners is crucial. Thoroughly and consistently cleaning your fuel not only ensures optimal performance but also extends the lifespan of your storage tanks. Why is […]

Video: Our Future of Burner Technology at Boiler 2024

At the American Boiler Manufacturer’s Association Boiler 2024 conference, Preferred proudly unveiled the Comet Burner, a solution designed to perfectly match your space and budgetary needs. This promises to set new standards in efficiency and adaptability, ensuring that our clients receive the best in burner technology. Join industry experts Steve Pelt, Robert Bohn, and CEO David Bohn to […]

Announcement: Beware of Spear Phishing Attacks Impersonating Preferred Utilities Personnel

Important Annoucement from our Team: Recently, some business partners received emails claiming to be from David Bohn or one of our executives, offering a secondary “personal” email address for project discussions. Please note, these emails did NOT originate from anyone at Preferred Utilities. These Spear Phishing attacks are generated by malicious actors impersonating Preferred personnel and spoofing our […]

Enhancing Efficiency: Preferred Utilities Unveils Combustion System with 8:1 Turndown and Controls Options

As Seen in Engineered Systems Preferred Utilities recently announced the release of their new Preferred Comet Burner. This product takes the superior engineering of Preferred Utilities products and applies it to an economical solution for gas-fired boilers under 300hp (oil and dual-fuel options coming soon). This solution is also designed to reduce lead times and has an integrated controls […]

Embracing Sustainability: The Timeless Excellence of American-Made Sustainability

In a world where sustainability is paramount, the choice of equipment can make all the difference. At Preferred, we’re proud to offer the most sustainable, rugged, and reliable burners on the market today – all proudly made in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸 What sets our burners apart? It’s simple – durability and longevity. Unlike cheap, disposable sheet metal burners […]