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60 Years later Preferred Rotary Tech Performs

These twin 1960 Preferred Utilities Rotary cup, forced draft burners, have been meticulously maintained and retrofitted over the years to provide over 60 years of continuous service to this NYC school location. We love partnering with facilities that take such pride in their boiler room, their equipment, and preventative maintenance. After serving as their combustion engineering and technical […]

New England University pursues Sustainability goals with Preferred strategy

To meet aggressive Emissions Reduction and Sustainability goals with Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO), this New England university chose a Preferred burner and combustion controls for it’s (1) of (3) boiler upgrades. One of the pictures below shows a fuel skid for RFO testing. The Ranger API-RF burner installed here has a 3-fuel setup, involving natural gas with 9ppm NOx, Oil with 90ppm […]

Buckpitt, a Stark Tech Group Company, Expands Boiler Offerings with Preferred Utilities

Buckpitt, a Stark Tech Group company, has added Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation to its manufacturer line offerings –with product lines that ensure safe and efficient boiler room operation and reduced emissions to meet the sustainability targets of its customers. Preferred’s specialty combustion applications align with Stark Tech Group’s mission to cut waste and reduce incidents of unplanned outages. […]

RPV Head Ladder for Nuclear Outage

Providing continuous innovation in nuclear outage efficiency, the Preferred Engineering division’s RPV Head Ladder helps easily access critical maintenance points along a nuclear reactor head. Made entirely of aluminum, this light weight RPV Head Ladder is customized to conform to the reactor head geometry. The base of the ladder is designed to drop into the stud holes along […]

Preferred Engineering: Nuclear Innovation for Modern Outage solutions

Preferred Engineering supports nuclear plants across the country with outage support and manufactured products to make nuclear outage inefficiencies a thing a of the past. We are proud of our nuclear division’s outage innovation with the RPV Nut Rack – a polished stainless steel weldment designed to support the weight of the RPV Nut, Washers, and if necessary, […]

Touchscreens for Boiler Room Efficiency, Safety, and Analytics

Made in the U.S.A., Preferred believes the best products are the quality products. We routinely revisit our equipment for updates and improvement. Our latest improvement, the updated graphics and features on our controls touchscreens, provides better value to the end user as well as a much more intuitive and consequently safe experience for the boiler room staff. Learn […]

Yeshiva University: Making Aging Boiler Infrastructure More Efficient and Easier to Operate

Published in Engineered Systems here. Yeshiva University in New York City was hindered by an obsolete burner system that was expensive to operate and prone to downtime. Administrators recently approved the installation of a breakthrough, energy-saving control system on one of their many industrial combustion (IC) burners. A large reduction in burner fan speed was immediately apparent, which […]

Upgraded Performance for NYC School

Over the holidays, we installed (4) new 200hp high performance, low NOx, API-AF burners with BurnerMate Universal controls at a high school in Brooklyn. These burners are oil-only, 8:1 turndown, mechanically atomized, and feature reduced electric usage and NO fiber metal mesh heads which reduces annual costs/ maintenance. Made in the U.S.A., and started up and serviced by […]