Converting NEMA 4 Plant Wide Controllers to the Multi-Node Fuel System Controller


Committed to the future of our technology in hospitals, nursing homes, data centers, schools, and airports, we are converting Preferred NEMA 4 Plant Wide Controllers’s (PWC) nearing end of life to Fuel System Controller (FSC) based controllers. Pictured are before (prior to shipment in 2015) and after of one of the units that was converted in this way.




We replaced the PWC LCD display/touchpad with an OIT-10X – an adapter plate was made that allowed it to be a direct fit into the existing cutout in the door of the enclosure. We also completely removed the PWC controller from inside the panel. This was replaced with a prefabricated subplate assembly that bolted right into the enclosure using the same mounting as the original PWC controller. In this case the customer wanted to keep the H-O-A switches behind the closed door of the enclosure, so we provided those mounted on the subplate, refer to the upper right hand corner, you’ll see this.

By doing this none of the field wiring or conduit runs needed to be changed. On this particular project we’re replacing a total of (7) units like this, that originally weer all communicating to each other via Modbus, using a twisted cable. This cable had to be changed as the system is now communicating over the nodenet communication bus. However, the customer used the twisted cable (which is being removed) to pull the new nodenet cable through conduit.

Once all the conversions are completed, the customer will have a state-of-the-art control system in addition to increased visibility of the overall system from any of the control cabinets. All said and done, it took about a day per cabinet to perform the change out.

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