2019 July

Facing the Need for Boiler Upgrades

By David Bohn Read the article in Facilities Manager here! Upgrading or replacing a boiler system presents one of the most daunting and expensive challenges a large facility can undertake. When the time comes—whether the current system is outdated and inefficient or it fails outright—facility management must take the time to fully understand the process in order to […]

Looking to go cleaner and greener?

Read the article in Today’s Boiler By David Bohn If you can’t afford to replace your boiler system, new fuels and innovative technologies are the answer. Fueling boilers has become more complicated. Many conventional fuels are now impractical because they can be dirty and expensive, and they are sometimes incompatible with modern environmental regulations. This creates a challenge […]

Doing more with less: Staying productive during major upgrades

See the published article in Power Engineering here! By David Bohn Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp. Given today’s skilled workforce shortage, figuring out how to get the most productivity from the fewest workers has become one of a power sector’s top challenges. How can a plant stay on top of its output requirements when finding and retaining qualified workers is so […]