2023 July

NEW Product! 3-Element Drum Level Controller

Preferred brings boiler safety to a new level with the modern 3-element drum level controller: the JC-43D2, 3-Element Drum Level Controller. Featuring a 5″ LED backlit touchscreen and user-friendly configuration, the JC-43D2 brings advanced safety features like level sensor failure detection, redundant backup low water level and high steam pressure burner shutdown, and water column blowdown maintenance reminder […]

Heat Exchangers In Boiler Applications

Howard Wells, Danbury, CT Various heat exchangers are used to capture waste heat contained in boiler exhaust that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere. These devices are designed to capture the maximum amount of heat possible, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced operational costs. There are three main types of heat exchangers used in boiler applications: […]

A Maryland University opts for Cloud Remote Monitoring System

Automation & Tracking Energy Analytics Keeping boiler rooms safe is the top priority of industrial infrastructure. To do that most effectively, companies like Preferred are continuously upgrading automation controls that increase safety and efficiency. Eliminating human error and providing boiler room technicians with improved tools, we are creating safer and more energy efficient plants, campuses, and industrial process […]