3-in-1: Precision & High Visibility with Preferred’s JC-13D2 Process Bar graph Indicator

Made in the U.S.A.The NEW JC-13D2 3-in-1 Process Bar graph Indicator can accept up to three high precision analog input signals of the following types: 4-20 mA, 0-2.3 Vdc, 0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc, 10k thermistor, type J thermocouple, and type K thermocouple. Ideal for boiler draft, drum level, tank levels, flow rates, operating pressures, temperatures, or any other common process monitoring applications.

Each channel is fully customizable with configurable scaling, custom user labels, and alarms. The home screens can be set to show each individual bar graph, all three bar graphs at once, or the no-barographs large number screen for high visibility.

Featuring a bright color LED touchscreen display, the JC-13D2 is fully configurable from the easy to use menus, with additional I/O for alarms and 4-20mA output.

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