A Groundbreaking Enhancement of Dual Float Level Sensors

Preferred Announces the TG-EL-MS, a Groundbreaking Enhancement of Dual Float Level Sensors

Preferred now offers a unique new improvement to our Dual Float Level Sensor. It’s now the only one on the market that can measure water as low as 1.2” off the bottom of the tank, with floats that will fit in a 2-inch diameter tank opening while still measuring oil level

The level sensors are magnetostrictive, which provide highly accurate and repeatable level readings in a wide variety of liquid level measurement applications, including both fuel oil and water. They are certified for installation in hazardous areas in the United States and Canada by CSA for Class I, Division 2 and Class I, Zone 2 environments.

Additional improvements to this dual float sensor include Modbus ethernet communications with the ability to read and display oil level, water level, and tank temperature. This allows users to monitor critical data over the internet via a secure cloud connection.

Online Data Portal

The Preferred Cloud data portal, located online at www.preferred-mfg.com, displays everything you need to know about your measurement.

Here you can: View your current and past readings, Manage alarms, Configure your sensors, Setup user permissions for others in your organization.

Measurements are sorted by location and grouped into sites. Simply select the site you would like to view, and then choose the sensor. Current readings are prominent in the center of the screen. Contact us today at (203) 743-6741 to set-up a demonstration of our sensors and online software. We are excited to show you how it can impact your business.

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