A Reunion of Pumpset & Panel: A Testament to the Longevity of Quality Equipment

In a heartwarming reunion of machinery, in February we witnessed the coming together of two components that were destined to be united since their first encounter in 1997 initially sold to a Communications company in Brunswick, Maine. Sometime between then and now the pumps were needed at another location in Lewiston, Maine, and the control panel stayed in place to handle the high alarm and leak sensing on the tank which was now being direct filled by delivery rather than by transfer pumps.

Fast forward to the present, a contractor, now managing equipment for the new owners of the Communications firm, found themselves in need of a pumpset in Clinton, Maine. Recognizing the potential synergy of the components scattered across different locations, they reached out for assistance from Preferred, unaware of the rich history behind the equipment. In the spirit of resourcefulness that characterizes the people of Maine, the contractor aimed to integrate the components from Brunswick and Lewiston locations for the Clinton location, embodying the Mainer characteristic of not wasting anything and saving a buck, even if it requires spending three on a quality item.

For this contractor, a valued customer, making the integration happen was a natural step, and the realization of the intricate details and job numbers followed suit. The reunion of the two halves, the pumps in Lewiston and the control panel in Brunswick, now meeting up on a job in Clinton, is not just a nostalgic moment but a testament to the enduring quality of the equipment. Enduring multiple installs, serving for decades in life safety applications, and transitioning through different owners, the equipment has stood the test of time.

The attached pictures showcase the resilience and longevity of this job, capturing a snapshot of its remarkable journey through various phases of service. The story of this pumpset serves as a reminder of the reliability and longevity that characterizes top-notch equipment, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of industrial machinery.

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