A Winning Hand – 2 Pair

Pictured are a pair of Semi-Automatic Transfer Pumps (SATPS) and a pair of Fully Automatic Transfer Pumps (ATPS).

The SATPS is our bare-bones fuel oil pumping system that is simple, reliable, and very rugged. This Pump Set will readily meet the needs of the customer with budgetary limitations, simple system requirements or where there is a temporary fuel oil pumping need.

The ATPS is our most popular fuel oil pumping product. The brain of these systems is our very own Programmable Logic Controller, the Preferred FSC, Fuel System Controller. The ones shown also include our Fuel Sentry Tank gauge integrated into the controls for monitoring of the Main Oil Storage tank for level and leak detection.

These systems, once they are properly installed and commissioned, provide years and years of completely automatic operation with little maintenance.

Not only do these panels carefully monitor the level and conditions of the Main Fuel Oil Storage Tank, but they are also designed to alert the operators of any system problem, whether it be a clogged strainer, a misaligned valve, a failure of oil flow, a system limit out of position or a leak.

In the event of any leak, the pumps will immediately shut down and the system will alert the operator with a visible and audible alarm. The easily navigated panel mounted, 4 inch, HMI, affords user-friendly control and will inform the operator of any alarm conditions and the exact status of the system.

Each one of these pump sets are treated with the same care as the cars that come off the assembly lines of the world’s leading auto manufacturers. They are fully functionally tested prior to shipment, complete with circulating oil through them to ensure everything meets Preferred’ s standard of quality.

At Preferred, our engineers, programmers, managers, stockroom workers, welders, electricians, painters, Quality Control technicians and shippers, go above and beyond to ensure that our Pump Sets leave the factory in perfect condition and with perfect performance.

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