Auto-Calibrate: the Next Gen of Opacity Monitoring

At Preferred, we are constantly looking for the next improvement, addressing issues in the industry for better tech and better safety practices and equipment. This makes our boiler rooms better and our facility managers more efficient and safe. To that end, the updated Opacity Monitor JC-30D-EZ now comes standard with a new feature: Auto-Calibrate.

The commonly code-required opacity shutdown condition for a boiler is 20% blockage. While most modern oil burners produce very little smoke, over time soot and dirt build up on the light source and sensor causing nuisance trips in unmanned boiler rooms. To avoid these trips, the operator must often climb a ladder to clean the light source and detector.

With Auto-Calibrate, the JC-30D-EZ senses the soot build-up and calibrates the light sensor and source to the new normal. As shown in the video, this doesn’t decrease the sensitivity of the light detector. Watch the video below to see more on how this new feature works!

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