Newly Upgraded Fuel Sentry, Leak Detection Controls with Renewable Fuel Burners

Made in the U.S.A. 🇺🇲 for renewable and sustainability goals, we provided these API-Ranger burners and upgraded controls for existing boilers.

The Ranger burns three (3) fuels – ENSYN Renewable Fuel oil that’s an 85% carbon neutral non-fossil fuel, natural gas and #2 oil. It is also capable of burning Bio-Residual OilTM, a co-product of biodiesel production with minimal carbon density, and can be used as a straight replacement for fuel oil, sprayed onto a traditional fuel source or blended with conventional heating oils. Energy efficiency stats on the Ranger burner include 10:1 turn down on NG, 8:1 turn down on oil, <2.5% O2, 50-100% firing rate, <3.5% O2, 10-40% firing rate. <9 PMM NOx with 25% FGR.

Two D4A Fuel Sentry, Tank Gauge and Leak Detection units were swapped out for one NEW! D4B model. The D4B is a remote reading, microprocessor based, tank gauge, with 8 intrinsically safe sensor inputs that can monitor one or two tanks. . The D4B tracks fuel deliveries and daily/weekly fuel consumption. It is a powerful accounting tool. The leak-detection system is designed for use with double wall tanks, vaulted tanks, single wall tanks with spill basins, and double wall piping. The TG-EL-D4B is designed for use with all fuel oils (No. 2 – No. 6), diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, most other petroleum products and renewable bio fuels.

For your aggressive Sustainability Goals, choose a Preferred burner and controls upgrade to achieve emission and carbon reduction milestones while increasing combustion turn down, efficiency, and reducing electric consumption.

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