Clean Energy with LNG Partnership

Preferred Utilities is pleased to be an integral partner of Indirect Fired Water Bath (IFWB) vaporizers in applications requiring robust operation and ballast heat. These IFWBs and Preferred burners and control systems are typically used for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) satellite plants, LNG peak shaving, LNG virtual pipeline, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and large-scale oxygen and nitrogen plant back-up systems.

Our Partner –providing technology, equipment, and services related to LNG, hydrogen, biogas, carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, water treatment, and other energy and industrial gas applications – has skillfully built an integrated value chain that positions it at the forefront of the clean energy transition.

Preferred is proud to support the LNG industry, as a combustion and controls solutions partner. Preferred offers Low Emissions technology, Safer models, and Customer Support. As a technology-driven company, we are focused on low and ultra-low NOx burners design and controls solutions. Our strong project management and customer support both during and after delivery of projects are not often available from other companies in our sector. Preferred builds equipment suitable to meet the most stringent requirements, keeping end-users safe with our robust, reliable design and safety record on completed combustion systems. We are proud to stand behind our products and provide our partners & end users with superb customer service.

With our partnership in LNG, we have an aligned vision of a more sustainable, low carbon future.

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