Custom Retrofits for Compliance with Preferred

To meet New York City emissions regulations and secure a sustainable future for their plant, the 4th largest high pressure steam plant in NYC chose Preferred for its #6 oil to gas and #2 oil conversion.

This plant has a rich history, with four (4) watertube boilers stamped 1939, traditionally burning #6 oil except during World War II when they burned coal because oil was going to the war effort.

Pictured Below: Old panel on the left, new panel on the right- This is one of five new panels. We accommodated the customer with the same look of the old panel, but with state-of-the-art technology.

With (4) watertube boilers and (4) 60,000 gallon, single wall tanks buried 15 feet underground, they had some work to do in order to convert from #6 oil to gas and #2 oil by 1/1/2020, when NYC enacts fines for facilities not in compliance with emissions regulations.

Preferred met the challenge with new oil guns/tips, a complete and new fuel oil system, Allen Bradley PLC combustion controls to replace their old Bailey single-loop controllers, and EPA, DEC, DEP compliant tank gauging system for the single wall, buried tanks.

Spreading Combustion Joy through compliance and innovation!

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