Elevating Efficiency: A Full Boiler Plant Retrofit with Preferred Instruments & Controls

In a recent project featuring Preferred instrument and control upgrades, a boiler plant retrofited three firetube boilers through the integration of BurnerMate Universal controls and a state-of-the-art plant master control panel.

The master controller is the brains of the system, with advanced functionalities such as steam header pressure PID control, intelligent boiler lead/lag rotation sequencing, outdoor air temperature setback control, and automatic boiler running quantity selection which is based on the plant’s steam demand. This sophisticated setup gives optimal performance and energy usage throughout the entire boiler system.

One notable feature is the flexibility offered for lag boilers, allowing them to be configured for either unison firing or base-load operation, contributing to overall efficiency and needs of different operational scenarios.

The plant master controller seamlessly works with the BurnerMate Universal controls on each boiler. Not only does this allow for centralized monitoring and control, but it also plays a crucial role in system resilience. In the event of a lockout detection on any boiler, the master controller initiates the start-up of the next available boiler for uninterrupted operation.

This retrofit not only represents a significant technological upgrade but also emphasizes Preferred’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for optimizing boiler systems. The incorporation of these controls and sequencing not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to sustainability goals by precisely aligning boiler output with demand.

As industries continue to prioritize energy efficiency and environmental impact, Preferred has improved boiler plant management. This completed retrofit project shows the potential for better efficiency and reliability through intelligent control solutions so boiler plants can operate at peak potential.

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