Emissions Reduction Strategy at Leading University

Made in the U.S.A. to meet aggressive emissions reduction and sustainability goals with ENSYN Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO, made from sustainably sourced wood waste), this prominent New England university chose Preferred’s burner, and combustion controls design solution for this one of three (two in the future) boiler upgrades. Pictured below is a fuel skid for RFO.

The Preferred Ranger API-RF burner, mounted on a 1,200 HP Johnston Boiler, has a 3-fuel setup which involve: natural gas with < 9ppm NOx emissions, and oil with < 90ppm NOx and RFO. In addition, 10:1 turndown on gas and 8:1 turndown on oil and RFO — all with < 3% O2 through the firing range.

The Preferred control cabinet uses (1) Allen Bradley PLC for burner management and (1) Allen Bradley PLC for combustion and boiler control. The control strategy is Fully-Metered, and for increased efficiency, a VFD on the FD fan and an economizer on the flue gas outlet. Stack damper and a VFD controlled ID fan perform draft control. The plant control room is also able to monitor and control EVERY function the control panel performs.

Preferred offers real & sustainable solutions to plants looking to go cleaner, greener & more efficient! Combustion Joy is Clean and Green.

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