Extreme Weather Preparedness: Reliability and Safety in Critical Hospital Operations

Located just outside downtown Tampa on an island, this hospital faces unique challenges due to its geographical location. With the potential for high storm surges, the need for robust infrastructure is the top priority for uninterrupted operations, especially in critical areas like fluid management.

One of the primary concerns for the hospital was the management of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and lube oil, vital for the operation of generators and other equipment. Given the risk of flooding, the decision to install waterproof pumps and a DEF offloading station was a strategic one. Placing these pumps outside near the tanks significantly reduced the likelihood of issues occurring on the suction side of the pump, mitigating potential damage and downtime.

The DEF tank and lube oil tanks are positioned on the third floor, approximately 50 feet above grade. To transport fluids to such heights efficiently, the installation of offloading stations with pumps was necessary. While the lube oil offloading station may not be waterproof, it still maintains a robust NEMA 4 rating, enhancing its resilience in challenging conditions.

In line with the commitment to reliability, a waterproof filtration pump was chosen, ensuring continuous operation even in adverse weather conditions. Opting for a skidded filtration system offered numerous benefits, including cost-effectiveness and streamlined installation, making it the preferred choice for the hospital’s needs.

The equipment aresenal on-site includes:

  1. Duplex Waterproof Pumpset for boiler loop and one generator.
  2. Waterproof filtration pump.
  3. Stainless Steel, Waterproof DEF Offloading station with pump.
  4. Type 2 fill box for (3) 10,000-gallon main tanks.
  5. Lube oil offloading station to supply tanks on the third floor.
  6. Lube oil duplex pumpset to feed the generators.
  7. Day Tank with return pump.
  8. Skidded filtration System.

Each component plays a crucial role in maintaining the hospital’s operational integrity, ensuring that essential systems remain functional even in the face of challenging conditions. By investing in robust infrastructure and innovative solutions, the hospital stands ready to meet the demands of its community, safeguarding both lives and livelihoods.

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