FlexFit Retrofit – More savings, More efficiency

Made in the U.S.A., Preferred retrofits provide sustainable solutions for reducing energy costs with upgraded efficiencies. At this site in Queens, NY, one of our skilled field service engineers replaced an obsolete Honeywell RM7800 L flame safeguard/ ControLinks fuel-air combination with our FlexFit Linkageless Controller.

The FlexFit controller brings linkageless control to your burner with an integrated flame safeguard system. This quick and easy retrofit solution increases savings, efficiency, and improves control in the boiler room. The FlexFit flame safeguard plugs directly into Fireye E110 and Honeywell RM7800L wiring bases, eliminating extensive re-wiring. FlexFit reduces operating costs with Oxygen Trim, FD Fan VSD speed control, Draft control, and wider burner turndown. FlexFit enhances Safety with Low Oxygen trip, High Flue Gas Temperature trip, Gas Valve Proving, and Servo Self-Checking. FlexFit-78 plugs directly into a Honeywell RM7800L flame safeguard wiring base. FlexFit-110 plugs directly into a Fireye E110 flame safeguard wiring base. This cuts down installation time and cost.

FlexFit O2 Trim and FD Fan VSD features provide savings that ControLinks never could.

Installation is fast and easy. The FlexFit flame safeguard plugs into the existing RM7800 wiring base. FlexFit servos bolt up directly to the exiting mounting bracket and shaft with our conversion kit. Servo wiring is done with pre-fab plug-in cabling. Before and after pictures show the old controller & servos and the new FLexFit controller & servos. The first retrofit is done, the second is in the works! 

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