Free Tools for Design Engineers Available Right on Our Site

Boiler Specification configurator and Revit drawings are now available to make boiler room design fast and accurate.

Earlier this month, we officially announced the addition of a free collection of online tools to make it easier for boiler room designers to create accurate plans for their critical boiler projects. With a century of boiler room experience, we’ve consolidated our wide-ranging expertise into tools that end-users can utilize to calculate sizing and energy efficiency and specify equipment for their boiler rooms.

Included in the free resources is a full range of Revit drawings for fuel oil pump sets, filtration sets, and day tanks. Widely used by architects and civil engineers, Revit is an indispensable 3D modeling tool that allows engineers to create designs using photo-realistic drawings.

Additionally, a Fuel Oil System Configurator tool is available to help with sizing diesel fuel oil systems for single or multiple generators. This tool uses line sizes as well as pump and strainer selections to guide engineers to desired pump discharge and suction pressures. When finished, the tool outputs a sample fuel oil specification for the system that is compliant with national fuel oil storage and handling codes.

A new boiler specification tool is also included in the online tool set. This tool generates specification and equipment based on the parameter input by the user, and it is equipped with all burner sizes and various fueling options as well as sizing information from leading boiler manufacturers.

For more guidance to help users successfully design a boiler room, we offer the Engineering Handbook for Combustion and Fuel Handling Systems. Known as “Catalog 26,” this handbook is much more than a parts list. It includes detailed specification and application information as well as a comprehensive guide to boiler systems, components, controllers, and fuel handling systems. At more than 300 pages, this handbook even contains educational plant engineering data, combustion theory, fuel handling data, and a glossary of technical terms.

“It’s important to us to share our expertise with boiler professionals throughout the industry,” said David Bohn, President of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing. “Making this set of online tools available to everyone is something we’ve prioritized for design engineers. I hope everyone in the industry takes advantage of them.”

Remember, all these tools are available to use at no charge!

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