Fuel Filtration System: More Convenience & Efficiency with New Feature

Upgrade Your Fuel Filtration System with Preferred: Introducing the PF-505’s New Feature

At Preferred, we’re proud to announce an exciting upgrade to our PF-505 Fuel Filtration System, enhancing its functionality and efficiency to better serve your needs.

The Upgrade: Gone are the days of manual water removal! With our latest enhancement, the PF-505 now automatically fills a water storage tank and alerts operators when it requires emptying, ensuring seamless operation throughout the filtration process.

When water is detected, our innovative Fuel System Controller (FSC) activates a solenoid valve to transfer it to a heavy-duty plastic container for easy disposal. Previously, users had to manually remove water from the filter housing, interrupting the filtration process. Now, with automatic water discharge into a local storage tank equipped with a hand pump and high-level switch, the need for manual intervention is drastically reduced—down from 40 trips to just 1!

Why Choose Preferred: For the most robust, dependable, and intelligent fuel polishing system for your fuel oil setup, look no further than Preferred. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your operations run smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Get in Touch: Ready to upgrade your fuel handling system? Contact us at 203-743-6741 to learn more about the PF-505 and explore our full range of fuel handling solutions at www.preferred-mfg.com

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