Fueling Success: Navigating a Large-Scale Fuel Oil Project with Preferred

Project Overview

  • Duplex Pump Set: backup power for a data center’s emergency generators.
  • Additional Duplex Pump Set: kept the boilers fired up and ready, handling essential fuel oil supply.
  • Efficient Filtration Systems: two high-quality filtration systems for the generator and boiler main storage tanks.
  • Stainless Steel Remote Fill Stations: seamless refueling, we set up stainless steel remote fill stations for each main storage tank.

From powering emergency generators to providing heat for boilers, fuel oil systems are the lifeblood of countless facilities, making sure operations continue seamlessly no matter what, even in the face of unexpected challenges. Under the management of our own Dennis Cosgrove, Preferred completed a large and significant project for an application in Israel.

The Heart of the System: Duplex Pump Sets

At the core of the project were duplex pump sets, meticulously designed to handle the demands of the emergency generators. These pumps, capable of handling 165 gallons per minute of #2 fuel oil, stood as a testament to Preferred’s commitment to providing reliable backup power. Quality components in pump systems are indispensable, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply during critical moments.

Keeping Boilers Fired Up: Fueling Essential Operations

In addition to emergency generators, the project involved another duplex pump set with pumps rated for 24 gallons per minute of #2 fuel oil, supplying essential fuel to boilers. As boilers are the backbone of heating systems in facilities, reliable fuel supply is fundamental to maintaining optimal working conditions.

The Unsung Heroes: Efficient Filtration Systems

Behind the scenes, two Preferred filtration systems were installed for the generator and boiler main storage tanks. These systems, engineered to remove particulate matter down to 5 microns and ensure efficient water separation, are the unsung heroes of a smooth-running fuel oil system. Clean fuel not only enhances equipment longevity but also reduces the risk of operational disruptions.

Seamless Refueling: Stainless Steel Remote Fill Stations

To streamline the refueling process, Preferred implemented stainless steel remote fill stations, providing a convenient and efficient way to replenish fuel supplies. Such attention to detail ensures that refueling operations are smooth, minimizing downtime and optimizing overall facility efficiency.

The Larger Picture: Quality and Durability

Beyond this specific project, the emphasis on quality and durability in all our products including fuel oil systems resonates with Preferred’s core deliverables to our customers. Investing in reliable components and expert engineering ensures not just immediate efficiency but long-term sustainability. High-quality systems minimize maintenance needs, reducing operational costs in the long run and contributing to a facility’s overall sustainability goals – That is Preferred’s mission.

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