Improve Boiler Room Safety and Efficiency with NEW Preferred Controls and Monitors

Preferred Instruments and Controls are designed for boiler rooms to monitor for optimum performance. Precise draft control and monitoring is recommended for Low NOx burners, Installations with a stack height exceeding 75 feet, installations with multiple boilers sharing a single stack. Typical applications include commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, and industrial plants. We have expanded upon our “JC” Product Line to include additional and upgraded Draft Control and Monitoring instruments with high precision, high visibility and easy operation in mind!

JC-13D2 3-in-1 Process Bargraph

Introducing the all-new JC-13D2 3-in-1 Process Bargraph Indicator. The JC-13D2 can accept up to three high precision analog input signals of the following types: 4-20 mA, 0-2.3 Vdc, 0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc, 10k thermistor, type J thermocouple, and type K thermocouple. Each channel is fully customizable with configurable scaling, custom user labels, and alarms. The home screens can be set to show each individual bargraph, all three bargraphs at once, or the no-bargraph large number screen for high visibility. Featuring a bright color LED touchscreen display, the JC-13D2 is fully configurable from the easy to use menus, with additional I/O for alarms and 4-20mA output.

JC-23D2 Boiler Performance Controller

Introducing the all-new JC-23D2 Combustion Boiler Performance Controller. The JC-23D2 features flue gas temperature monitoring, draft control, and opacity monitoring all in one controller. The opacity monitoring logic integrates directly with Preferred’s 190851S and 190851D light source and detector and can be setup for either standard or NYC-BAR opacity shutdown sequence. The JC-23D2 is fully configurable from the bright, color LED touchscreen display with settings for: flue temp alarm and shutdown, opacity alarm and shutdown, adjustable draft start position, firing rate feedforward PID draft control, draft servo auto-calibration, opacity auto-calibration, and more.

JC-33D2 3-in-1 Opacity Monitor

Monitor up to 3 stacks at once with the all-new JC-33D2 3-in-1 Opacity Monitor. Expanding on the user-friendly features of the JC-30D2 such as the auto-calibration and auto-range functions, The JC-33D2 includes the necessary logic and I/O to monitor the opacity of up to 3 boiler stacks with either the standard or NYC-BAR shutdown sequence, with an independent burner shutdown relay for each of the three opacity channels, all from central controller. The JC-33D2 is fully configurable from the bright, color LED touchscreen display, and can be set to display each individual channel or all three channels at once.

Find the entire product line on our webpage here, or contact our engineers here to improve your boiler room safety and efficiency experience today!

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