New E-Gen Products: Direct Fill Tank & GenSet Controllers

Preferred is introducing our Model 226-FV Direct Fill Tank Controller to the fuel oil emergency generator market, developed to safely, efficiently, and inexpensively meet the minimum required overfill prevention features required by NFPA 30 and most fire marshals. Housed in a rugged NEMA 4 enclosure suitable for mounting outdoors, the Model 226-FV Direct-Fill Tank Controller can provide over-fill and leak protection for single- and double- walled tanks per NFPA 30 requirements.

How it works:

  1. The tank controller will energize an alarm buzzer and strobe light when the tank level reaches 90% full. An alarm silence pushbutton will silence the buzzer and de-energize the strobe light.
  2. The tank controller will again energize the alarm buzzer and strobe light at 95% tank level and provide an output to close a normally open fill valve. The alarm silence pushbutton will silence the buzzer. The strobe and fuel valve output will remain energized until the fuel level drops below the 90% level. The tank controller will work from 90% and 95% float switches in the tank that will be normally closed and open on increasing tank level. 
  3. If a leak is detected, the alarm buzzer, strobe light, and fill valve will energize and be unable to reset until the leak is cleared. The leak is actuated by a normally closed leak detector that opens when a leak is detected. 

Preferred is also introducing the Nodenet GenSet Fuel Controller. This fuel tank controller incorporates Preferred’s decades of fuel handling experience into one easy-to-use controller designed specifically for generator base tanks. The Nodenet GenSet Fuel Controller works with both Direct-fill or Remote-fill applications. The Controller is housed in a rugged NEMA 4 enclosure suitable for mounting outdoors. Enclosure dimensions 20” H x 20” W x 10” D. The 4” color touchscreen provides Ethernet and BacNet IP communications to a building automation system and is easily networked with other Nodenet GenSet Fuel Controllers for more advanced control designs and minimal wiring requirements.

How it works:

  1. Overfill prevention, leak detection, and tank gauging are included. Common belly tank accessories are chosen by pull down menus.
  2. Hand-Off-Auto switches are provided for all local pumps.
  3. Meets NFPA 30 and all local requirements for direct-fill applications including local audio and visual alarm.
  4. Interfaces to remote supply pumps by contact closure or Preferred Nodenet digital communication for remote-fill applications.

Our Experience in E-Gen

Preferred provides nationwide factory support for installers, start-up technicians, and commissioning agents. As an over 100 year old company in the fuel oil and emergency generator industry, Preferred offers complete fueling systems for emergency diesel generators and dual fuel boilers including:

  1. Pump Sets
  2. Fuel Polishers
  3. Day Tanks
  4. Tank Gauges
  5. Fuel System Valves
  6. DEF Systems
  7. Instrumentation, and more.

Read about our success at this Medical University Site.

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