New England University pursues Sustainability goals with Preferred strategy

To meet aggressive Emissions Reduction and Sustainability goals with Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO), this New England university chose a Preferred burner and combustion controls for it’s (1) of (3) boiler upgrades. One of the pictures below shows a fuel skid for RFO testing. The Ranger API-RF burner installed here has a 3-fuel setup, involving natural gas with 9ppm NOx, Oil with 90ppm NOx, and RFO, with 10:1 turndown on gas and 8:1 turndown on oil.

The control cabinet uses (1) Allen Bradley PLC for burner management and (1) Allen Bradley PLC for combustion and boiler control. The control strategy is fully-metered, and for increased efficiency, a VFD on the FD fan and an economizer on the flue gas outlet. Stack damper and a VFD controlled ID fan perform draft control. In addition, the plant control room is able to monitor and control EVERY function the control panel performs.

Preferred offers real & sustainable solutions to plants looking to go cleaner & more efficient!

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