PCC-III Digital Loop Controller Discontinued, Convert to Next-Gen PCC-IV!

As Preferred Utilities continues to advance its technology in the commercial boiler control industry, we are forced to phase out older products in favor of new. In 2017, Preferred began shipping the PCC-IV Digital Loop Controller. The PCC-IV is a easy, drop-in replacement for the PCC-III controller. The PCC-IV was the successor to the PCC-III, which had been a staple in the industry since 1998 with over 5,000 units sold.

We designed the PCC-IV Loop Controller to seamlessly replace the PCC-III when the hardware is too old to function. The PCC-IV is a complete control solution for individual boilers or multiple control loops. Upgraded technology and increased longevity also make the PCC-IV a great replacement for the Siemens/Moore 352 and 353 models. With added features and a retentive memory that lasts 5x the lifespan of the Siemens controllers, the PCC-IV is prepared for any application.

Transition from PCC-III to PCC-IV
In an effort to expand inventory and to allow for production of the PCC-IV at higher rates and quantities, Preferred will be fully discontinuing the PCC-III by year’s end. Not affected by this discontinuance, are all PCC-III option boards (which are fully compatible with the PCC-IV) and the PCC-III Upload/Download Cable Assembly, part number 109355.

These components allow for a seamless transition from PCC-III to PCC-IV and will remain available for purchase. Preferred will be offering an option for customers purchasing a PCC-III controller, to get a spare CPU board at no additional cost. This will continue until remaining PCC-III assembly inventory is depleted. Note that customers also have the option of purchasing only the PCC-III CPU board, part number 190315, if they wish. Typically, a complete assembly is not needed and the PCC-III CPU boards provide a great option for keeping stocked as a spare part.

We are grateful for our customers who have made our products and integral part of their facilitiies and the marketplace today, and look forward to many more years of innovation for the best products in the industry.


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