Preferred Celebrates 100 Years in Business

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Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, a Connecticut-based maker of engineered fuel oil equipment and systems including boilers, burners, and controls, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month.

In 1920, brothers Gerald and Richard Bohn, who were oil heating engineers by trade, anticipated the need for equipment and accessories designed for the burgeoning oil industry. By 1927, their “Oil Burning Accessory Catalog” was a major success. They ran their business out of Times Square in New York City with manufacturing operations on Long Island, and over the coming years they grew both their product offerings and their industry expertise.

The Bohn brothers designed and patented a range of vital equipment that was utilized during World War II. This included Gerald’s innovative anti-siphon valve, as well as oil heaters and seat-warmers for Sherman tanks. Preferred Utilities Manufacturing is particularly proud of their legacy involving the outfitting of heavy ocean liners with fuel equipment during World War II, and for that reason, they have kept the image of a boat in their logo ever since.

In 1946, Preferred built their manufacturing plant in Danbury, Connecticut, which now serves as their national headquarters and home of the company’s manufacturing and engineering operations. Over the course of the last century, they have acquired numerous related businesses that have allowed them to expand their product lines to include control systems, boiler monitoring instruments, tank gauges, and a full line of equipment designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of boiler operations. The Preferred Engineering division was formed in 1980 to serve the nuclear industry and specifically improve safety during outages and shorten their duration. Today, Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation is an industry leader in developing boilers and controls that utilize alternative fuels to increase the use of renewable resources and support environmental responsibility.

“Few companies are able to reach a milestone like 100 years in business,” said David Bohn, Preferred’s president and CEO. “We are proud of our legacy, and we’re also proud that we’ve developed technology that’s kept us on the cutting edge for decades. What we’re doing right now to support the use of renewable fuels is groundbreaking. That’s what is going to propel us into our next century.”

Mr. Bohn represents the third generation of the Bohn family to head Preferred Utilities Manufacturing, and his daughter and two sons now work there, as well. Preferred has grown to employ nearly 100 people, and it operates sales and service offices across the country. They remain committed to the Danbury community, supporting the Danbury Hospital and Danbury Music Center among their many charitable endeavors.

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About Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation:

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation is an engineering-based manufacturer of fuel oil handling systems, boiler instrumentation and controllers, high quality burners, nuclear power plant outage reduction tools, and related component parts for commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Preferred Utilities Manufacturing applies continuous research and development to existing products, helping them to lead the industry with new and innovative power plant solutions. Their manufacturing, engineering, and administrative headquarters is located in Danbury, Connecticut, with regional sales and service offices throughout the United States.

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