Preferred Engineering Saves the Day: Custom & Expedited solutions

A Nuclear power plant encountered a problem when trying to move a Stud Rack (22,000 lb. payload) away from the cavity wall. During the lift the crane had to move the payload laterally to avoid overhead ducting. In the middle of the complicated lift, the crane was moved the wrong way with almost catastrophic repercussions. In the resulting swing of the crane the payload hit the wall of the cavity and a worker was almost caught between them.

Preferred Engineering was initially contacted to provide a new modified Stud Rack system that would avoid the ducting and allow for a straight vertical lift. However, upon review our engineers saw that the Stud Racks themselves were well made and they were able to provide the Plant Customers with a quick cost effective solution to the problem. We designed a system to shift the Stud Rack into open space in a controlled manner.

In addition to providing a cost effective solution, we expedited our Stud Rack Rail System, providing it 6 weeks early to accommodate their needs. At Preferred Engineering, finding unbeatable solutions for our customers’ is our priority. Spreading outage “joy” to the Nuclear Industry is our goal.

For more information on efficient, time-saving, custom fabricated nuclear equipment please visit us at or call (203)743-6741 to speak with one of our professionals.

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