Preferred Legacy Technology meets Modern Solutions with Renewable Fuels

Made in the U.S.A. Rugged durability for almost 70 years, the Preferred’s Rotary Cup Burner passed a UL inspection with biodiesel B20 in a New York City school boiler room to help them meet their emissions reduction goals.

Preferred supports our products with parts, original drawings, engineering, and field service even if they are 70 years old.

This school had 2 fully functioning Preferred Utilities Unit Steam Generators with Preferred Rotary Cup burners that have been in operation since 1954! The Preferred Rotary Cup was designed to burn traditional fuel oil, but easily adapted to burn biodiesel. The site also had other classic Preferred products such as the Preferred control panel with a JC-21F, JC-60F, Lead/Lag selector and more; and the Preferred HFO strainer and pumpset.

We are as committed today as we were 70 years ago to the quality, longevity, and support of our products. 

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