Preferred On the Road: FPC Conference and NEHES Conference

Discover Preferred’s Innovation at the Florida Plans & Construction Conference!

Preferred Utilities is excited to be a part of the Florida Plans & Construction Conference in Orlando, Florida, where we are showcasing our cutting-edge Fuel Oil System Design and Engineering capabilities. This event, spanning over today and tomorrow, is not just about presentations; it’s about diving deep into the New Codes and Standards for 2023, ensuring that our projects are ahead of the curve and avoiding costly revisions in the future.

Our systems at Preferred are more than just engineered designs; they are meticulously tailored to adhere to the latest codes and standards. We understand that safety and sustainability are paramount. That’s why our systems come with top-notch safety features and advanced monitoring tools.

In the face of evolving challenges, Preferred is dedicated to creating a greener, safer, and more efficient future. By investing in cutting-edge technologies and staying updated with the latest standards, we pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. Join us in this journey towards a better, brighter, and more eco-conscious world.

Preferred and Analytical & Combustion Systems Inc. Shine at New England Healthcare Engineers Society Fall Conference!

Preferred Utilities and Analytical & Combustion Systems Inc. (ACS) are proud to have participated in the New England Healthcare Engineers Society (NEHES) Fall Conference, a prestigious event that brings together professionals in the healthcare engineering field.

Collaborative Expertise: At this conference, Preferred and ACS showcased their collaborative expertise, demonstrating cutting-edge solutions in healthcare facility management. From innovative boiler room designs to state-of-the-art fuel handling systems, our joint efforts exemplified the pinnacle of engineering excellence.

Focused Discussions: The conference provided a platform for focused discussions on the latest advancements in healthcare engineering. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with industry experts, gaining insights into emerging trends, safety protocols, and sustainable practices.

Networking and Partnership Building: Networking was at the heart of the event. Preferred and ACS representatives engaged with fellow professionals, fostering connections and exploring potential partnerships. The collaborative spirit was palpable, laying the groundwork for future endeavors.

Commitment to Excellence: Preferred and ACS reaffirmed their commitment to excellence in healthcare facility solutions. By sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and embracing innovation, we are dedicated to elevating healthcare engineering standards and ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency in medical facilities.

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