Preferred’s Continued Commitment to Sustainable Future

Made in the U.S.A. Smart ways to reduce Emissions and shift to, affordable, reliable, common sense, “real world” Renewable Fuels to power America.

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation just installed a new 10,000 gallon, double wall, above ground tank so we can continue burning Renewable Energy Group’s (REG) Bio-Residual™ Oil or BRO-500. Bio-Residual Oil™ is the product left over after the refining, and production of the various grades of Bio-Diesels.

Unlike Bio-Diesels, Bio-Residual™ Oil has a 0% Carbon load, and only a ~ 5% net Carbon load after adding transportation Carbon. Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation has heated its factory and offices in Danbury, Connecticut since 2018 with Bio-Residual™ Oil and has perfected the storage, handling and burning of this fantastic Renewable Fuel for a cleaner, brighter, greener, future for Connecticut.

If you want to learn how you can switch your facility over to Bio-Residual™ Oil, Contact Us. Preferred will help you with planning, design, equipment selection, installation, and commissioning so you can achieve you most aggressive Sustainability Goals.

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