Preferred’s Renewable Future: Renewable Fuel Tank Installation

Made in the U.S.A. Preferred has smart and long-term sustainable ways to reduce emissions and shift to, affordable, reliable, “real world” renewable fuels to power America.

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation has just installed a new 10,000 gallon, double wall, above ground tank so we can continue burning Bio-Residual Oil or BRO-500 ♻️. Bio-Residual Oil is the product left over after the refining, and production of the various grades of Bio-Diesels.

Unlike Bio-Diesels, Bio-Residual Oil has a 0% Carbon load, and only a ~ 5% net Carbon load after adding transportation Carbon. Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation has heated its factory and offices in Danbury Connecticut since 2018 with Bio-ResidualTM Oil and has perfected the storage, handling and burning of this fantastic renewable fuel for a cleaner, brighter, greener, future for Connecticut.

If you want to learn how you can switch your facility over to Bio-Residual Oil, contact Preferred! We can help you with planning, design, equipment selection, installation, and commissioning so you can achieve your most aggressive Sustainability Goals.

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