Preferred’s Webinars for Stay-at-Home

Due to the stay-at-home mandates, education and engagement has moved even more to online platforms. In an effort to provide valuable information and resources to clients, colleagues, and friends during a time where many people are getting their only interaction virtually, we launched a “Weekly Webinar” series, drawing from years of knowledge and experience across our company. Our one-hour-long webinars have focused mainly on Fuel Oil topics including: Complying with Emissions and Meeting Renewable Goals, Fuel Oil System Equipment and Design Overview, and Designing a Fuel Oil System with Preferred’s Free Online Tools.

Preferred’s free online tools are designed specifically to help facilities not only design the most functional systems, but also to meet rules and regulations that vary region to region. Many of the facilities that can benefit most would be healthcare facilities, critical during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Every time we do a webinar, we record it. The webinar’s from the series are available for replay on the website. Now, more than ever before, being able to connect and enrich our customers and colleagues virtually is important to our company platform. We make an effort to be a “thought leader” over giving a sales pitch and emphasize our expertise in conjunction with our products. 

As many of us prepare to go back to the office, Preferred’s webinar’s can still be viewed on our website HERE. 

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