Prepare your Facility for Cold Weather: Thermopump System

The cold front predicted for next week may bring some of the coldest temperatures seen in the United States since 1936. It will affect areas as far south as Houston and San Antonio. These are areas where plants are not designed with the capability to heat their diesel fuel during cold weather—because weather this cold doesn’t happen very often. But it is in this type of weather that utility plants and central steam plants are told to switch to oil firing to conserve natural gas for residential and other plants that don’t have backup oil firing.

The Preferred Thermopump system is an electric oil heater that can be supplied as part of a duplex fuel pump skid that will circulate diesel fuel and keep the temperature of the fuel above it’s cloud point when ambient temperatures are low enough to cause diesel fuel to gel.

Keeping oil warm and circulating is crucial to getting plants running on diesel fuel!

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