Prepare your Facility for Cold Weather: Combustion Air Requirements

Parts of the United States have experienced and continue to experience unusually cold temperatures over the last two weeks. In these circumstances, plant operators are usually forced to shut windows and doors in their boiler rooms to keep the cold air out and prevent water lines from freezing. But boilers need to breathe too.

Bottling up a boiler room can cause boilers to run dangerously rich. Successful, efficient combustion requires three items: heat, fuel, and air. When designing a boiler room, the supply air needed can easily be overlooked. Boiler room supply air is the proper amount of air required for equipment to operate most effectively, including ventilation air. Without adequate air supply sizing, boiler room equipment can become inefficient, and cause accidents.

To learn more about combustion air requirements in the boiler room and to use the calculation tool, click the link below!

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