Pressure Atomization Solutions in NYC Schools & beyond

For the last 100 years, Preferred has been dedicated to boiler room solutions. In modern times, that has included advancements in sustainability and efficiency, for a better, cleaner future in energy creation.

The addition of pressure atomization to our API-AF burners eliminates the need for air compressors and atomizing air piping, while decreasing footprint, equipment cost, electric cost in the boiler room! This solution results in significant savings and has changed the landscape in New York City schools, who work within budgets for relatively extreme boiler room upgrades to modernize and meet strict environmental regulation.

Pressure atomization depends on the oil pressure inside the nozzle tip to spray a fine mist of oil, very similar to a Windex spray bottle. The micronized oil droplets are flung into the burner head, where they are thoroughly mixed with the combustion air and ignited. As mentioned above, the pressure at the oil nozzle is the key factor in the atomization process; therefore, your oil pump and pressure regulator are the key components in this system. The pump needs to be able to meet the gallons per hour (gph) requirement for the burner/boiler to meet their load capacity. The pressure regulator is set in accordance to the firing rate which is normally between 100-300 (psi). The turndown ratio for a pressure atomizing burner is normally only 3:1 or 4:1.

Pushing the bounds of the norm, Preferred has developed, designed and manufactured a high turndown, 5:1 guaranteed, pressure-atomized API-AF burner.

The API-AF burners pictured are UL listed for No. 2 oil firing, utilizing pressure atomization. We demonstrated a turndown of 8:1 on pressure atomized oil firing to the UL inspector, extending the normal turndown ratio which is usually only the aforementioned 3:1 or 4:1.

Made in the U.S.A. for durable and sustainable solutions.

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