PSCE Custom Gas Train for South Africa Application

An international chemical facility customer in South Africa came to Preferred with an application to blend and burn Natural gas and Bio-Gas in their two 5 burner boilers both over 22 tons/hour PPH.

Preferred’s Special Combustion Division (PSCE) engineers who specialize in applications as rare and large as this one were able to design a blending skid to meet the project needs. Preferred’s engineering and manufacturing team built this custom skid and conducted a Virtual Factory Acceptance Test (vFAT) that was attended by the project stakeholders both remotely and in person.

Blending skids are primarily used in facilities that have their own source of digester gas, landfill gas, or other manufactured fuel gas, and want to minimize natural gas consumption and expense. This blending skid was also programmed utilizing Preferred’s vast combustion engineering experience with the Allen Bradly CompactLogix PLC Platform. Now shipped, this beautiful blending skid is ready for its new home!

PSCE offers state-of-the-art and custom combustion solutions for BURNERS, field-erected, package boilers, heaters, and thermal oxidizer applications. Whether your application is a coal to gas conversion, waste gas, or specialty gas, Preferred’s combustion engineers have the right burner for your new or retrofit applications. For more info on PSCE’s expertise, visit HERE.

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