Retrofits for a Modern, Renewable-fueled New York City Boiler Room

Made in the U.S.A. with Quality, Reliability, Efficiency and Durability. This NYC Agency converted from fossil fuel to B-20 Bio-Fuel to exceed its Sustainability and Renewable Fuel Goals.

A 1960’s Preferred Utilities Manufacturing, Unit Steam Generator Boiler, Rotary Cup, forced draft burners, meticulously maintained and updated over the years. This NYC school takes incredible pride in their boiler room, their equipment and preventative maintenance.

With Preferred, this facility upgraded to a B-20 Fuel Handling and Filtration System enabling safe, reliable, and efficient storage, circulation and firing of this breakthrough green fuel. This is also only the first step to B-100 biofuel conversions coming soon.

Advanced Preferred boiler, balance of plant, and combustion controls have been added and retrofitted on this unit over the years to keep her superior performance the envy of her low quality, “cheap” up front cost competitors, which ALWAYS end up costing end users exponentially more in the long run. This Preferred equipment has saved this City Agency hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel efficiency, electrical efficiency, maintenance costs, and probably (4) burner retrofits in the life if this one Preferred Burner, with the associated NYC Permitting, Engineering, and Installation costs.

We have been happy to be their combustion engineering, and technical support partner for these past 60+ years. Preferred looks forward to the next technology phase of our long relationship (in dramatic emissions reduction and sustainability upgrades) and appreciate intelligent, discerning, and engaged customers like this!

Enduring Combustion Joy that is now on the cutting edge of ♻️ Renewable and 🌱 Sustainability Technology.

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