Sixty year old Preferred burners upgraded in NYC Schools

Preferred is making New York City Schools compliant with Local Law 87 and providing a sustainable future with emission reduction and high efficiency improvements that can be made on the current burner without expensive upgrades or future installations. We offer solutions with peace-of-mind that our facilities will always be able to comply with new and evolving environmental regulations for our “green” goals!

These three NEW Preferred API burners replaced three 1958 Preferred Rotary Cup burners that had given this NYC Public School over 60 years of rugged, low maintenance, and reliable service.

These new Advanced Performance Inject-Aire (API) burners feature high turn down (10:1 on NG, 8:1 on oil), low emissions (<35 PPM NOx firing NG, <80 PPM NOx firing #2 oil without FGR) and ultra high electrical and fuel efficiency. And, sub 5-minute change over of one fuel to the other. With a VFD the API burner can turn down from 60 Hz to 15Hz on the combustion air fan motor to achieve up to 75% electricity savings. Unlike many of the high maintenance cost, disposable sheet metal burners of today, this school’s new Preferred API burners will last another 60 years.

NOx emission levels can be reduced to <9 PPM on NG and <48 PPM on #2 oil through simple burner field modifications, so changing future emission regulations do not mean burner replacements.

Proudly Made in America for the last 100 years!

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