Smart Boiler Efficiency: The Preferred Feedwater Center

Conversations about boiler system retrofits often center around the boiler itself. They are the first to receive an upgrade to controls and instrumentation to improve efficiency and operability. But what about your feedwater system? The Preferred Feedwater Center a game-changer in improving efficiency and control in the boiler room.

Energy Efficiency Starts with Intelligent Feedwater Management

Many systems simply start a lead feedwater pump and will start the standby pump if the lead pump fails. If your steam load is low and your feedwater pump is running full speed, you are wasting all that electricity. Adding VFDs to the pumps can be the answer, and some electric companies even give rebates for adding VFDs, but your relay-based control box is not made to control feedwater pump speed…but the Preferred Feedwater Center can.

Unleashing the Power of Control

The Preferred Feedwater Center can also control the level of your deaerator, monitor its pressure, and even automatically adjust the feedwater pressure setpoint based on the steam header pressure. We also have a model that can provide the same control for your surge tank and condensate pumps. Both models are housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure and have a 10” color touchscreen with trending, tuning screens, and alarm/event history.

A Leap into the Future: Sustainability Goals and Cost Efficiency

With skyrocketing Energy Cost, and your Sustainability Goals in mind don’t let your Feedwater system be the most archaic control in your boiler room. Whether you are seeking enhanced efficiency, intelligent control, or alignment with sustainability objectives, the Preferred Feedwater Center has the answers.

Visit our website or engage with an Engineer at Preferred today, and elevate your boiler room to new heights of efficiency and control. 🚀🌐 Link to the Preferred Feedwater Center

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