Stack Design and Draft Control Webinar

Join our webinar and live Q&A session with on Thursday, July 30th at 2 PM ET for a discussion on successfully applying Stack Design & Draft Control in your boiler room.

Although draft control has always been an important part of the boiler room, its function has changed with burner technology. Today’s energy efficient and low NOx burners are sensitive to draft conditions (and ambient temperature, stack oxygen, etc.) Too much draft can cause the burner to run lean, become unstable, and flame out. Too little draft can cause the burner to burn back into the burner internals and damage equipment. In addition, most burner manufacturers require draft controls be installed with their burners for optimal performance. Leading the presentation will be David Eoff, who has over 20 years of hands on experience in the industry.

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With our extensive and collective industry knowledge, Preferred has put together a series of informative and helpful webinars that go over applications, tips for success, and fundamentals of boiler controls, fuel oil handing, and combustion principles. We offer these webinars free of charge, knowing that sharing information and lessons learned raises the standards and success rates for everyone.

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