Start Up & Service of Hospital during COVID-19 Pandemic

Start-up and service of mission critical facilities is paramount as the U.S. handles the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Preferred successfully completed the start-up at a Kentucky hospital, providing reliable power during emergencies and power grid failure. Mission critical facilities that Preferred has and continues to service include nursing homes, hospitals, nuclear power plants, apartment complexes, and data centers.

Emergency generators, belly tanks, and day tanks easily integrated with Preferred Utilities pump sets and Automatic Fuel Filtration system manufactured in Danbury, CT U.S.A. with the highest quality U.S. raw materials by the most professional, skilled and dedicated American tradesmen. Also including Preferred’s mechanical (non-electric) anti-siphon valve and oil lever gate valve meaning a less complex, more effective overall system with less points of failure.

Preferred provides fuel oil pump sets, day tanks, controls, and fuel handling systems including stand by fuel availability, final filtration, remote cloud communication / monitoring, and proof positive control of fuel oil delivery with 100% full system function check / test with fuel evacuation and re-circulation for mission critical E-Gens. Fresh oil in day tanks and full system / component checks are essential to 100% emergency back-up power performance.

For more information on bulletproof fuel oil storage, level monitoring, leak detection, and transfer systems go to our Fuel Oil page!

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