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The Combustion Joy Lab System is a custom Preferred training show piece which replicates an industrial boiler system at a smaller scale. It is equipped with a 190,000 BTU/hr Propane Burner with 4:1 turndown. The intent of this show piece is to train current and future engineers on boiler systems and apply heat transfer, fluid mechanics and combustion principles. This training show piece is equipped with a one pass hot water boiler equipped with a feedwater system that will allow the system circulate water and maintain water temperature at a desired setpoint. The boiler also has a site glass to visually monitor the water level in the unit and it is equipped with water level floats that will operate the feedwater supply valve and low water cutout safety limit. The system is also equipped with a drain function that its used when the system’s temperature has reached setpoint and hot water is disposed from the system and introduce new water to lower the temperature of the system and generate a load for the burner’s continuous operation.

The Preferred Burner in this system is equipped with a gas train that consists of a gas pressure regulator, gas flow meter, low gas pressure switch, two safety shutoff valves for the pilot supply line, two safety shutoff valves for the main gas supply line and a modulating control valve. The burner is also equipped with a minimum air flow switch that acts as a safety limit, to ensure that the burner has enough air to operate. Flue Temperature is also monitored to ensure that the system is operating under normal conditions. A low gas pressure switch has been integrated to ensure that the system contains the proper gas pressure for its operation.

 This system is powered by the Burner Mate Universal (BMU) Control System featuring a robust flame safeguard and combustion control system. The BMU provides the ability to control the boiler based on temperature setpoint, integrating a variable speed drive, and control a force draft air damper to improve the efficiency and turndown of the system. It also integrates a UVSC scanner, temperature sensors, and high precision digital electric servo motors to offer optimal Boiler control functions. This system contains all of the equipment used in an industrial steam/Hot-water generating plant, which allows the users to get training on the BMU combustion controller by setting system parameters, servo and VFD configurations, combustion curve, PID loops, set-up of limit switches, etc. The Combustion Joy Lab system is USA made and is ready to offer introductory boiler/burner systems training to college students up to advanced training to Service Engineers, Boiler Operators and Plant Engineers.

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