The Preferred Design: Waterproof Pump Set for Continuous Power

Made in the U.S.A. to support nursing homes, hospitals, nuclear power plants, mission critical and data center installations: the Preferred Waterproof / Submersible Pump Sets for diesel fired E-Gen Systems and #2 oil fired boiler applications are patented, tested, and proven for continuous operation under more than 40′ of water pressure without leak.

This design allows consulting and facility engineers to locate the Preferred Waterproof Pump Set at or below possible flood levels without compromising the system’s ability to perform in flood conditions like hurricanes. At risk potential flood plain, sub-basement or parking garage installations are all made possible by this product.

What sets the Preferred Design apart:

  • Designed to withstand complete submergence in 75ft of water and continue uninterrupted operation.
  • Complete pump and motor assembly installed within submersible enclosure.
  • Discriminating type leak sensors installed inside enclosure.
  • Pressure tested to a minimum of 40 psi for 15 minutes.
  • Over 5 years experience producing design successfully with field engineers supporting.
  • Testing for heat buildup, running unsubmerged continuously for 45 minutes. 

These waterproof pump sets are manufactured at our headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut, U.S.A., with the highest quality U.S. raw materials, by our team of professional, skilled American tradesmen. To ensure stand by fuel availability, associated controls and electrical and electronic components are located above potential flood levels. Our systems are started up & supported in the field by Preferred engineers and we factory train all our customers upon commissioning.

Get hurricane and flood proof back up power with the Preferred Waterproof / Submersible Pump Sets.

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