The Preferred Thermopump is the choice for applications of any size

It may be springtime, but the Preferred Thermopump system is still a vital piece of equipment in a duplex fuel pump skid. When the temperatures fall, the Thermopump Fuel Oil Transfer Pump and Heater Set makes sure that diesel fuel is circulated and remains above its cloud point so it doesn’t get too cold and turn to gel. It’s an important part of above ground oil storage systems with exposed suction and return lines because failure can result when the oil gets too cold.

Year-round, though, the Thermopump system provides automatic duplex pump sequencing and monitoring for boiler and day tank applications in large facilities such as data centers, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, and federal buildings. This system was designed to work independently of the plant’s boiler triplex supply pumps so that the heaters can circulate fuel from the supply tanks without interrupting boiler fuel supply and operation. With the use of Preferred’ s Fuel System Controller (FSC) Nodenet system, the thermopumps can be operated and monitored from any of the control panels in the fuel oil system, working seamlessly with the plant’s level control, boiler supply pumps, filtration, leak detection, and overfill alarms for a complete fuel oil package.

This means it can be deployed in very large plants! Preferred has installed Thermopump systems in massive facilities, and the monitors are still able to isolate issues and report them to a single point. When uninterrupted uptime is crucial, in applications like data centers or healthcare facilities, this is the kind of reliability that’s essential.

Further application for the Thermopump include areas where plants are not designed with the capability to heat their diesel fuel during cold weather because cold weather is infrequent. It is in this type of unexpected weather that utility plants and central steam plants are told to switch to oil firing to conserve natural gas for residential and other plants that don’t have backup oil firing. 

Winter or summer or any time in between, the Preferred Thermopump system will help you both prevent temperature-related problems and pinpoint other performance issues without missing a beat. Dependable and easy-to-monitor at any size, a Thermopump system will keep you up and running. 

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