Touchscreens for Boiler Room Efficiency, Safety, and Analytics

Made in the U.S.A., Preferred believes the best products are the quality products. We routinely revisit our equipment for updates and improvement. Our latest improvement, the updated graphics and features on our controls touchscreens, provides better value to the end user as well as a much more intuitive and consequently safe experience for the boiler room staff. Learn what else is new:

  1. Communication Ports Setup: More customization can be done in the field for additions or changes to programs. This gives the manager more control and makes changes easier.
  2. Added Help feature to Alarm Page: Gives the operator a quicker way to get information on what the alarms mean. In the past, the operator would have to know the codes by heart or consult the manual. This provides quicker understanding of alarms in an emergency.
    • User can highlight alarm item then press help button.
    • Help page with details on alarm cause & possible solution(s).
  3. Graphic Improvements
    • Ability to select from 5 choices for boiler graphic color. This means higher quality, more organized graphics also able to color match the boiler being installed with burner making for a much more modern, clean presentation
    • Improved overview screen graphic, including simplification & removal of excessive clutter. The older screen was not as well organized, sometimes hindering operators from fully understanding what was going on at-a-glance.
    • Ability to enter boiler ID. This helps identify boilers more specifically for operational understanding.
  4. Auxiliary Devices: Ability to configure additional communication devices, JC-30D Opacity Monitor, Analog Input Module. Previously, this would need a custom OIT program. Since source for programming and set up, managers do not have to set up separate devices for each additional item in system. Set-up made faster and easier.
  5. Added Burner Run-Time to Totals Screen: For operators and facility managers who want a tally for record keeping and analytics, track what fuel is burned and how much. This is a brand new feature!
    • Oil Flow
    • Gas Flow
    • Steam Flow
    • Feedwater flow
    • Oil Run Time
    • Gas Run Time
    • Total Run Time

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