Unbeatable Advantages of BMU CCS/BMS Controls

In the vast majority of combustion control applications, the BurnerMate Universal (BMU) boiler controller is far lower cost, has a much lower lead time and is faster and easier to install and start up than a custom engineered PLC boiler controller. The BMU comes pre-programmed from the factory with a large number of parameters that can be selected by the installing technician at the jobsite. It is available with both parallel positioning and “predictive Metering” fully metered combustion control strategies for a wide range of combustion control solutions. The BMU is hands-down the best solution for boiler controls!

Quality assurance; the BurnerMate Universal (BMU) boiler controller is manufactured and labeled in accordance with UL 372, UL 1998 and CSA C22.2 #199.  Simply supplying UL recognized individual components is not sufficient. The assembled control cabinet as a whole must be inspected for proper wiring methods, fusing, etc., and must be labeled as conforming to UL508A and CSA C22.1 #14. Inspection and labeling shall be supervised by an OSHA approved nationally recognized test lab (NRTL). The system shall comply with NFPA 85 “Requirement for Independence”. The Flame Safeguard system shall be provided with independent hardware, and shall be physically separated from the combustion control logic.

The PUMC BMU is a robust combustion control and burner management system that is less expensive and with significantly lower lead-times than custom engineering PLC controls.

Why choose BurnerMate Universal (BMU) over custom PLC combustion controls? Here’s why:

Cost-Effective & Quick: BMU is a budget-friendly option with lower costs and swift installation. No more waiting around with extended lead times!

Ease of Installation: BMU comes pre-programmed, making on-site adjustments a breeze for technicians. Quick setup means less downtime and faster startup.

Versatile Combustion Strategies: BMU offers both parallel positioning and “Predictive Metering” fully metered combustion control strategies, catering to a wide array of combustion solutions.

Top-Notch Quality Assurance: Our BMU controllers are manufactured and labeled in compliance with UL 372, UL 1998, and CSA C22.2 #199 standards. We go the extra mile to ensure quality and safety in every aspect of our control systems.

NFPA 85 Compliance: We adhere to NFPA 85 “Requirement for Independence,” guaranteeing the highest standards of safety. Our Flame Safeguard system is independently hardware-equipped and physically separated from combustion control logic.

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