Video: Our Future of Burner Technology at Boiler 2024

At the American Boiler Manufacturer’s Association Boiler 2024 conference, Preferred proudly unveiled the Comet Burner, a solution designed to perfectly match your space and budgetary needs. This promises to set new standards in efficiency and adaptability, ensuring that our clients receive the best in burner technology.

Join industry experts Steve Pelt, Robert Bohn, and CEO David Bohn to explore our Retrofit insert burner and the FlexFit Linkageless Controller, renowned for their unparalleled versatility. These products are not only designed to optimize performance but also to provide seamless integration into your existing systems.

Established in 1920, Preferred Utilities has a century-long legacy of dedication to engineering solutionts that translate today as lowering emissions and reducing energy expenses through cutting-edge burner technology, advanced controls, and efficient fuel handling. Our integrated cloud-based analytics empower informed decision-making, offering you the tools to optimize your operations and make it easier to do!

In addition, Our commitment to exploring alternative fuels underscores our dedication to a sustainable future. At Preferred, we believe in pioneering technologies that drive the industry forward while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Explore the Comet Burner and see how Preferred Utilities is shaping the future of the boiler room. Join us in our mission to deliver engineering solutions that meet your needs today and pave the way for your sustainable goals.

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