30,000 lb/hr Boiler with Custom Preferred BMS

This project features a Made in the U.S.A., oil-only Burner Management System, using our M85 and our QA5004-85 flame safeguard controller for expanded annunciation, was installed on a 30,000 lb/hr watertube boiler at a correctional facility in Maryland right before the new year. This is (1) of the (3) boilers and BMS panels we have replaced at this facility. The 10 inch touchscreen provides color graphics and communication for easy and intuitive operation. Read more about our new touchscreen option here!

Our shipped-loose PCC-IVs provide the combustion control for all the boilers in the plant. The PCC-IV is a complete control solution for individual boilers or multiple control loops. Upgraded technology and increased longevity also make the PCC-IV a great replacement for the Siemens/Moore 352 and 353 models, discontinued in October 2017. The PCC-IV upgraded technology includes a retentive memory that lasts 5x the lifespan of the 352 and 353 models.

Preferred packaged combustion solutions for boiler rooms all over the country for standard and custom applications. No two projects are alike and Preferred is committed to sustainable futures, in quality of equipment and implementation of automation and remote monitoring for a more modern infrastructure.


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