Duct Burner: Expertise in Special Combustion Solutions

Made in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸 Preferred’s Special Combustion Engineering (PSCE) group designed a duct burner system for a discerning customer. In this application, PSCE got turbine exhaust gas at 135,888 lbs/hr and with supplemental duct burner firing to generate over 20,000 PPH Steam from the Superior Boiler Works Waste Heat Boiler. NOx Emissions below 17 PPM and CO Emissions below 31 PPM corrected to 3% O2 at high fire.

PSCE offers state-of-the-art burners and gas blending for your field-erected, package boilers, heaters, and thermal oxidizer applications. Whether you’re firing hydrogen blends, bio-gases, natural gas, or renewable natural gas, PSCE has the years of experience to complete complicated projects to straightforward retrofits in minimal down time.

For more info contact Brian Sy bsy@preferred-mfg.com | (203) 297-4800

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